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growing together has ALWAYS been what target is ALL about

The story about us was formed and shaped by you, our client. We like to believe that nothing in this world is static; everything must adapt, take shape, re-hash and continue to grow. That growth is the true story about us, the story of ever lasting growth and innovation driven by our client's needs at any given moment.

- all in the family -

Rene Lagarde owner target marketing & events

Rene Lagarde

- Our Leader and Event Guru -
Meet Rene, chances are, somebody on your team already has. With his 30 years of experience, he has taken part in nearly every major event in Europe and beyond.

As the director of the events arm of target, you can trust that things will be done on time, and, on budget. Rene has been the trusted event expert by more than 400+ companies across the world.

After 30 years in the events industry, he's always keeping a sharp eye out for the future. Currently developing new ways for your clients to engage with your brand in this unique situation. These new methods include AR and VR technology and COVID-19 Safety Protocol in the EU. Besides all this, he has a broad network of contacts, built over 30 years that can connect the most random of dots.

Rene's commitment to improvement doesn't stop at events. As an environmentalist, Rene's commitment to working green extends into his future projects. He also firmly agrees the future of events should be centered on sustainability. His track record of this commitment is evident in his work and designs.

Need something where it doesn't normally go? Count on Rene to get it done; He takes care of every detail.

Romy Lagarde

- Our chaperone to the future -
Meet Romy, our marketing specialist in chief. Romy grew up in the hustle and bustle of the event world, often times tagging along with her dad on the show floor giving the building crew coffees and lending a hand where she could.

Fast forward about 20 years....

Romy has broadened her skill set to become the perfect modern addition to target. She also speaks 5 languages which comes in handy. Events are more than just a big display, they are about engaging clients and leading them on a journey that ends in a sale for your business. Romy's background in marketing, branding, event management and project management is your swiss army knife in the wild.
Romy Lagarde owner target marketing & events

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