stand out

target is THE specialist in event and marketing services. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we know how to engage your consumer with your brand. In a way that reaches them at the heart and stands out at the forefront of their mind.

let your
brand speak

Covid-19 changed the way we see the world. The situation forces us to think out of the box, so we like to see it as an opportunity to craft something even better than before. We use modern technology to get people together. We create virtual events, workshops, product launches and brand activations, executed in a way that shows the world that far away has never been so close.

event management

With over 25 years of experience in the organization of exhibition (participations), we are THE experts in creating that exhibition booth everybody stops for.

We know what is needed to let your exhibition participation work. We will arrange everything from A to Z and work with the best partners to you reach your targets.

retail marketing

The first step to get a visitor in your store is a perfect presentation, one of which nobody can just pass by.

Retail marketing is more than only showing your product to your target audience. It is the perfect finishing of your store front so all eyes will be attracted to your store.

brand activations

Target is specialized in developing and executing campaigns, events and brand activations which gives our clients brand recognition and realizes a long lasting relationship with their target group.

Most brand activations are interactive, this way the audience can get directly in touch with the brand and/or products.
past events

After doing business throughout Europe for many years, we have a great portfolio full of even greater partners. Because of our 2 international offices in The Netherlands and Spain, our language skills and knowledge of different cultures, we are able to get the desired results wherever you want to go. Working together with target ensures that any event or brand activation will be locally arranged and produced from A to Z.

we love the planet and we love green. We believe that an events company has to be able to serve clients in an environmentally sustainable way. Because of this we make sure that the most of the materials we use are reusable, like modular stand materials. Also, we like to work with the most modern techniques that bring people from all over the world together in a way that Co2 emission will be brought down. We take care that only a minimal amount of used materials will be wasted, and keep our planet happy :-)

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